Water heater
Drain Cleaning
AC Systems
Hot Water Circulator
New Construction
Leaking Detection and Repair
Faucets and Fixtures
Residential Remodeling

Water heater – With us, you will get your water heater repaired and serviced on the very same day. You will never have to worry about the model, the manufactures or the brand of the water heater. We stock several kinds of water heaters and we can replace one immediately if required. If all that your water heater requires is service, we would be more than glad to get that done as soon as possible too.

Drain Cleaning – Drain cleaning can be a mammoth task and can actually lead to further problems if not looked into by a professional. If you have a huge drain blockage there might be several places in your house that could be affected. We can easily perform drain cleaning, inspection and flushing as soon as possible. Our drain cleaning services are top notch.

AC systems – On hot summer days, it is impossible to live without an air conditioning system on full blast. If repaired by a professional like BJ Plumbing and Heating you can end up only with a small bill, if you leave it to amateurs to handle you might end up with expensive repair or replacement bills.

Toilet – Repairing and servicing a toilet can actually take up a lot of time and money. With us, we will help determine exactly how long it will take to repair your toilet based on the exact problem and give you an estimate on everything.

Hot water circulator – temperature control, energy consumption, excessive flow, etc are all problems that customers encounter on a daily basis. With our timely help it becomes easy to overcome all these problems.

New construction – when you have a new construction going on, this is the one time you will need to invest a lot in your new building. Picking out the best fixtures, plumbing and heating equipment, etc is sure to be a huge decision. With BJ Plumbing and Heating your work is made easy as we can help you out.

Leak detection and Repair – there are only few companies that can offer you the best in leak detection around Brooklyn. We can pin point exactly which place requires repair and finish the job, all in minimal time.

Faucets and Fixtures – a leaky or faulty faucet is sure going to be a costly replacement if not found out in time. A simple tip to make sure you detect your faulty faucets and fixtures before hand is to keep a look out for slow drips. This is an indication of faulty faucets that can be easily corrected if found on time.

Residential Remodeling – remodeling is another huge investment that requires hiring a professional plumbing contractor like BJ Plumbing and Heating. Be it your kitchen or bathroom, we can help you pick out and install items at the most affordable rates. Once you have chosen us to help you figure out your needs, there is not a single thing that you will want to redo. We will take care of your remodeling needs end to end.

Heating – we will take care of all your heating needs, Water Heater Repair and central heating are our specialties. We will guarantee that our heating services and methods are superior and we give you the best under floor heating that is the best concept when it comes to heating. Therefore, you can call us for a free quote when it comes to any of these services. We are available 24 * 7 to help you with your needs.